I got my final gallery, now what?

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I got my final gallery, now what?



Back them up!

Yes, I know you are so excited because you just got your images from me and downloaded them and the first thing you want to do is show off how beautiful your family is by sharing them on social media and with friends or family- and I love that! But please take a moment and back them up! Make a free Dropbox account, put them on your google drive, back them up on the apple cloud, put them on your family's SSD, or even a thumb drive - DO whatever you need to do to keep them safe; do not keep them on a single device- save them in multiple places so you have multiple back-ups! Not doing this is a true recipe for disaster! Protect your investment and back them up!


Print them! No, actually print them!

Next, make sure you print them! If you do not order prints through your gallery make sure you print them yourself! You did not invest in having pictures done for them to just sit on your phone, computer, and Facebook! Let's make it official and order some stunning artwork for your walls! Not sure where to order from or don’t want to pay a small fortune for Smallwoods? I hear you, there are many affordable places that print very high-quality prints and wall decor! If you are on an extreme budget check out Shutterfly! They are free to create an account and you can order free prints through them - they are only 4x6 and 4x4 but it is a start if you want to create a gallery wall of fun quirky frames or create an old-school photo album! You can also order printed photo books, canvas prints, enlarged prints, and metal prints! You can also use mpix which is the little sister of an amazing professional photographer print lab Millers- without needing a professional account! But at the end of the day my only recommendation that I will scream from the rooftops; is to print your photos, put them on your walls in any way you can, and enjoy them!



Lastly, give your photographer some love!

We work incredibly hard to give you the most incredible experience and make your sessions as stress-free as possible. And we completely understand the excitement you get when you receive your final gallery and can finally download your images. We understand that you are so excited you may forget to respond- but we love feedback! We love to hear how much you love your images, and which image is your absolute favorite from the collection, we love seeing you tag us in your heartfelt Facebook posts sharing your images with all your friends and family. Because despite years of doing sessions we still get anxious as we hit send to you. We want to know we did not just spend countless hours ensuring your images are perfect for you to hate them. We want to know you truly loved them and we love getting your feedback, we love getting reviews, shares, referrals, and tags because we love knowing you adored your experience with us!




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