In-Home Newborn Sessions

February 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

What do you mean by an in-home session?! Let me guess this thought is going through your head as you read this.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are not for everyone. This will not give you the perfectly posed photos of a baby nestled in a swaddle or propped delicately on their hands; I get it sometimes you want that perfect Instagram-worthy image and in home, sessions can sound quite lackluster in comparison, but please hear me out. As a mama who had her baby during the start of this lovely pandemic, I had no other option but to do my own in-home session for my baby's newborn photos. But this gave me time to play with lightning, props, swaddles, and poses; to truly perfect my technique. Because babies, newborns especially are unpredictable. They haven’t quite gotten on a set schedule or if they do it can change at the drop of a hat. They can decide to wake from their nap at just the moment you try to capture the image.  And taking them to a studio for a photo session can just stress them out. Babies do not always love a change of environment.  

So here’s why I think in-home newborn sessions are AMAZING! One of the biggest reasons is its low stress on the baby; which in turn is less stress on mom and dad. Because let's be honest, you are probably not getting enough sleep and stressed out trying to learn what your new tiny human needs without added stressors. It is also less stressful in the sense of exposure which is everything right now with COVID, because everything in your house is safe. The only outside factor would be the photographer who should be disinfecting themselves and their equipment before entering your home. Another reason in Home sessions are great is that we can build a story with images for you. It allows us to capture a part of your day. Yes, we will get posed shots during the session but the unplanned moments in between the posed shots; as baby nestles in your arms, as mom and dad snuggle baby or as baby yawns; these are all tiny moments that make for amazing images and tell YOUR family’s story. It tells the story of your baby and you as new parents which is a big deal. And one of the best reasons in-home sessions are amazing is because if a baby decides they need to eat, or spits up on their outfit, or just needs a break; everything that they need to make them more comfortable is at your fingertips. You do not have to worry about forgetting their favorite pacifier, bringing enough diapers, needing a new outfit because you are in your home. And trust me as a mom I know these things happen; again babies are unpredictable! And that is okay! It is my goal as your photographer to ensure we schedule enough time to deal with any hiccups that come our way during the session. And if no hiccups occur that's fine too it just means you get extra time in front of the camera to play with different outfits or props you are dying to use. The whole idea of an in-home newborn session is to be more laid back and tell your family's story!





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