Postpartum/Maternity Boudoir, say what?

January 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

831A0255831A0255 Is a Boudoir session right for you? I know, I know, the idea of a boudoir session can sound very intimidating. As a new mama myself I know this can sound crazy as you learn to love your new body and feel anything but sexy. But you absolutely do not have to be in skimpy lingerie or your birthday suit for a gorgeous session. The idea of a boudoir session is to make YOU feel confident in your own skin and make you see yourself for the beautiful strong woman you are. So don’t worry about those new mama “tiger stripes”, those curves, or scars. It is my goal as your photographer to make you feel beautiful ❤️

So if you have a thought that you may want to do a boudoir session; my advice is, go for it! Take the plunge because you deserve to feel confident! Find a photographer that suits your needs and makes you feel confident and comfortable-key for great photos. Here are some ideas for outfits: you can wear your favorite oversized slouchy sweater and lacey bralette, a button-down from your partners closet, shorts and a tank top, a satin slip, lingerie, or if you want go tastefully nude or hint at it by doing something like taking a bubble bath, wrapped in a faux fur blanket or something else that looks luxurious. Wear whatever makes YOU feel confident. If you want to rock an oversized sweater, lacey underwear and lipstick go for it! If you want to wear a bra and panties go for it! I am here for you!  I want to show you what a beautiful badass you are! And show you how truly beautiful your body is that brought life into this world!


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